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On the menu monday

On the menu monday

Morning y’all and happy day! We’re back with another On the Menu Monday. I should start by saying that posting our menu for each week really helps me stay accountable and stick to our schedule. We don’t stick to it perfectly, but for the most part it helps us plan out our week and save lots of money. So I appreciate y’all and this platform for helpin a girl out!


Weekly Meal Plan Menu (5)


We are moving next week, so I am working to clean out the freezer this week. We have frozen chicken thighs, which we will use for chicken stew and for the Thai curry. There’s some shrimp left over from the Pad Thai we made last week and as you know, I have been obsessed with the book *It All Beings with Food. I will follow the recipe for pasta with hemp hearts from this book, but will add shrimp because we like the extra texture and protein. We also have a pork butt kickin around in the freezer, so I’ll do that in the crock pot for Thursday’s dinner. And we have other single servings that are frozen (bean curry, chili, stew) that we will eat Friday night.


I did include a new recipe for us to try on Saturday – nasi goreng – just to keep it fun and interesting in the kitchen. I have found that I really look forward to trying a new recipe, but that I can also become extremely overwhelmed if every recipe is new for the week. So I am really looking forward to this one on Saturday! It should keep it spicy for us if ya know what I’m sayin. 😉


For breakfast, I will be doing lots of smoothies and oatmeal. I want to do more smoothies to use up our almond milk and some frozen fruits, but I also like the option of having a packet of oatmeal that takes two minutes to make. After all it’s all about convenience, right? And as per usual, I will be eating leftovers for lunch each day. This really helps us save money and keeps me from getting overwhelmed with having to come up with different meals for lunch. It also saves on clean up because I literally just throw an item in the microwave, and wa-bam! It’s ready to eat and only one dish is dirty.


Wish us luck as we navigate the next few weeks with moving. We will be extremely busy, but I am hoping to stay on top of cooking at home. I hope y’all have a great week – let’s get after it!

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