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House Tour – Main Level

House Tour – Main Level

Alright y’all, who wants to see a house tour? Me, me, me!!!


As I mentioned in a previous post, we just bought a four-level split home in a lovely neighborhood a week or so ago. We have a bit of work to do on it to make it more of our style though. With Keenan being a carpenter and me being an avid DIYer, I think it will be the perfect project for us. We are absolutely thrilled, and cannot wait to put our touches on it.


As promised, I will be sharing bits of our house over several posts with videos posted on IGTV. The first thing I am going to share is the main level of our house. Here we have a living room with a fireplace, dining room and kitchen. The front and back door are on this level. We are currently adding new baseboards and casing and painting the walls white. We might paint the fireplace at some point, but wanted to see what the natural brick looked like with our furniture and the fresh paint job.


The plans for our living room are to include a light green couch and two gray chairs spaced around the fireplace. We want to add a bench in front of the windows and maybe this piece from Article on one of the walls.


Shelf from Article



As for the dining room, we want to buy a table that seats eight because we like hosting people and because our dining room is very long. We are thinking either the ypperlig table from Ikea or this table from Article. We are considering plastic chairs from Ikea, but are unsure of the color we like. We already have six of these chairs in a color they no longer sell, and love them. We like the style and the plastic is great for wiping away messes. Fortunately Ikea has a buy back program, so we are hoping to sell ours back and buy them again in a different color.

Ypperlig table


Article table


As for the kitchen, we really like light wood cabinets with black handles and a concrete looking counter top. We are considering having only bottom cabinets, so no uppers, and adding a hanging storage piece on one of the walls. But this is on the backburner for a while because we will be completing other rooms first.


So what do y’all think? Are you as excited about these updates as we are? Let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear ’em!


2 thoughts on “House Tour – Main Level

  1. I vote ypperlig table for the dining room because, while the Article table is lovely, I feel like that the bars under it might cramp peoples legs if you were to sit cross legged or happen to have the quads the Piller’s do.

    Also definitely get the Article shelf.

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