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On the Menu Monday

On the Menu Monday

Morning y’all and happy Monday!


We gain possession of our new house this week (HOLY !*@#) so we are keeping it somewhat simple with a few of our go to recipes.


Weekly Meal Plan Menu (2)


We have made the Miso Soba Noodles before following the recipe from  It All Begins with Food* , but are adding shrimp to it this time. This is partly because we want to try something new and because we are feeding shrimp to Andee. Shellfish is one of those allergenic foods that our doctor recommend we try early on in her solids adventure.


Keenan made Pad Thai a few weeks ago, and we LOVED it! He has been watching a lot of Jet Tila on YouTube and followed this recipe** . Both the Pad Thai and the Miso Soba Noodles recipes have required us to visit a local Asian market, which has been really fun to spice up our typical grocery routine. 


You might notice that I have the sweet potato blueberry muffins listed again. That’s because I still have a few from last week’s menu to carry over into this week as well as the bacon and apple-loaded spelt pancakes I made. These should tied me over for breakfast for the entire week, but I also have smoothie items in the freezer just in case. I find it super helpful to make things in batches, like the muffins and pancakes, so that I always have something readily accessible to eat on the fly. That way I am not just eating junk, or in my case McDonalds, though I suppose that can be considered junk as well. Lol!


Keenan is a big snacker and I am at times too. We typically munch on chips, but are trying to eat a little bit better. So we are going to try out a maple kettle corn recipe to snack on. Have any of you made something like this before?


Drop a line below to let me know how your weekend was!

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