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Five (ish) Minute Makeup Routine

Five (ish) Minute Makeup Routine

We all love to feel good about ourselves, and sometimes that means taking five or so minutes extra to primp. In my case, that primping involves a quick application of makeup. I have always loved makeup, and in fact one of my most favorite Christmas gifts was from MAC Cosmetics. My parents got a handful of items for me when I was in Grade 7 along with some skin care. I remember feeling like I was in heaven. I mean there was green mascara and pink eyeliner – how could a girl not be pumped about that! 


Colorful eyeshadow


In high school and college I played around with makeup as well. I used fun colors for eyeshadow to match my outfit and was known to apply a vibrant blue eyeshadow as eyeliner for an extra little zing. As I got older, I started doing my eyes a bit more neutral, but began using different shades of lipstick. This was super fun for me and became one of my signature traits for when going out.


Signature lipstick look


Now I say all this as if I am a huge makeup pro, but if I’m being real I only wear makeup maybe once every two weeks. The reason for this is because I hate, like really HATE, taking it off. Now add being a new mom into the mix, and some things – like really fun lipstick – just don’t exist as part of my makeup routine anymore. It’s now more about a quick application of a few products to make me feel a little more put together.


Five minute look during daytime


That said, I still love applying a more extravagant look every now and then, and will do so if Keenan is around to watch Andee so I have some time to myself. That little bit of extra sparkle and color make me feel just a bit more special and like my old self again. Needless to say, this cannot be an everyday thing for me, but I’m all for that five minute glow up. So I have recorded a video, which is posted on my IGTV, to show just that – a five-ish minute glow up! I say five-ish minutes because that’s how long it would take me to do this routine if I were doing it everyday. Since I only apply makeup once every few weeks, it takes me more like eight minutes or so, but what are three extra minutes. I will link all the products I used below.


Products I used for five minute look


Let me know if you try this look out. I’m also curious to hear about your glow up – is it a shower, blow drying your hair, or a makeup routine like me. Drop a line below to share some of your self care routine. Happy day, y’all!


Here are all the products and colors I used:

BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer in Cream  by Younique

Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden by MAC Cosmetics

Blushing Babes in Pop of Peach by Morphe

Touch A La Mode Powder Luminizer in Iridescent by Younique (I couldn’t find the shade iridescent, but I linked the other shades)

Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Rosegold by Laura Mercier

Colour Precise Eyeliner in Black by Rimmel London

Micro Brow Pencil in Mocha by Morphe

Moodstruck Epic 4D mascara by Younique


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