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Andee’s Eats: Freezer Edition

Andee’s Eats: Freezer Edition

As I mentioned in my post titled On the Menu Monday, I’ve been really into cooking lately. And not just for me and Keenan, but also for Andee Bear. It is so, so fun making different foods for her to try. She’s had LOTS of variety and so far she only disliked mango when served on its own. She’s not a big fan of super textured foods yet, but has made progress with eating somewhat chunkier things. Well, it probably goes without saying, but I’m happy to take that as a win!


Andee enjoying a fruit popsicle. Isn’t she cute?!


I’ve become so excited about making her different foods that I’ve found that I just make, make, make then freeze, freeze, freeze then forget, forget, forget! So this week I made a list of all the foods I have frozen for her. They are all in ice cube form (more on that below), which equates to be about a tablespoon each. Andee eats around 3-4 tablespoons per meal, so it’s nice to know if I have a lot or a little of something.


List of frozen items


As you can see on my list, home girl is pretty set on the veggie front, but could definitely stand to have some more fruits. I will puree and freeze more apples and strawberries for her soon. You’ll notice some asterisks (*) after a few foods, and that’s because I like to denote that I made that food following a recipe from the book It All Begins with Food.


Andee goin after the sweet potato, blueberry and almond butter puree. Girl couldn’t get enough!


I’ve included one more picture of Andee eating because come on y’all, she’s just too dang cute! And as I mentioned above, here is some info on ice cube trays. I really love the silicon trays because they are super easy to pop the food out of. These are also nice because they have lids. If you just want to use the ice cube trays you already have, you can simple put parchment paper over the trays and secure it with a rubber band. 


Well, that’s all for today and for Andee’s Eats: Freezer Edition! Let me know if you are making any new foods for you and yours. Happy Friday! <3


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