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Nathan and Samantha are Engaged!

Nathan and Samantha are Engaged!

What’s better than Super Bowl Sunday? Two of my absolute favorite people getting engaged! My brother-in-law, Nathan, proposed to his long term girlfriend, Samantha, last night. To say we are ecstatic would be the understatement of the century!


Nathan and Samantha are engaged!


I met Nathan when I was 20 years old and he was 17. I was super intimidated by him because he was my boyfriend’s younger brother and I really wanted him to like me. I was pretty sure I had won him over after spending a summer in Canada with Keenan’s family. But still, uncertainty arose from time to time. However, this uncertainty faded when Nathan gifted me the greatest Christmas gift of all time. He knew I loved coffee, so he got me a coffee mug from Starbucks. It had a cute little snowman on the front wearing a scarf, but the words on the inside is what made it great. It read, “Even the coldest days with you seem warm.” HA! Now, could you imagine being 17 and gifting that to your brother’s girlfriend?!?! And by accident?!?! Nathan was in a rush to buy me a gift, and quickly bought the mug only to find out what the inside said when I opened it. Years later it’s still a great story to tell.


The day I met Samantha – Boxing Day 2013


Interestingly enough, I met Samantha the day after I got engaged, which was Christmas of 2013. It was a somewhat brief encounter, but Cards Against Humanity was played and drinks were had soooo it wasn’t really hard to like her right away. Since Keenan and I were living in Georgia during this time and Nathan and Samantha were in Calgary, I didn’t see either of them again until mine and Keenan’s wedding in North Carolina during the summer of 2014. Well, once our reception started and Samantha got a few drinks in her, I ended up knowing her a lot better. I’ll drop a few pics below so you can see for yourself just how our love for each other blossomed.  


Samantha twerking on Keenan’s grandma


Samantha serenading me and I her


Butt grabs are almost as good as grandma twerks


As the years passed we all became closer, but we didn’t live in the same city until summer of 2017 when Keenan and I moved to Calgary. Living close and building on our relationship with Nathan and Samantha as a couple has been even better than I could have imagined. I’m not sure if they know this, but sometimes they have been the rock for both of us. They have always supported us in whatever crazy ideas we have (like starting a blog), and welcomed us with open arms into their tightknit, but incredibly lovely group of friends. We’ve shared lots of beers, lots of laughs and several moves together. In fact, they are moving to London soon because Samantha is starting her masters in the fall at London School of Economics. It’s like she wasn’t badass enough already. It goes without saying, but I will miss them (and their dog Stella) terribly, but cannot WAIT to visit them.


Auntie Samantha, Andee and Uncle Nathan


I knew I gained a brother when I married Keenan almost seven years ago, and now I’m so happy to be gaining a sister too. Nathan and Samantha – if you are reading this – I am so, so happy for you guys. I cannot wait to share this journey with you both. Cheers to you!

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