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On the Menu Monday

Hey there y’all! About a month or two ago, I got super interested in cooking again. I have always loved cooking, but sometimes I love the convenience of ordering from Skip the Dishes even more. Once Andee started solids and I started making all of her food, I found it more beneficial to just cook everything at home and skip out on the Skip.


A friend recommended a cookbook to me that has recipes from purees all the way to family meals. I have become completely obsessed with this book, and I make almost every meal from it now. We were also gifted a cookbook from my mother-in-law that has different recipes inspired by life in the Appalachian mountains. App-uh-latch-un… yes this is how we mountain folk say it, and no I won’t be convinced otherwise! I have linked both books below for reference. 


Weekly Meal Plan Menu (1)


Now, keep in mind that life happens and quite plainly, shit happens too. So this is what I plan to cook for dinners this week. If things change and we have to adjust, so be it. Several of these meals dub as lunch for the next few days. Now this I love! I have found that it stresses me out to think up lunch items. So having leftovers eases my mind and makes this mama happy. I’ve also added in a few breakfast meals listed under “other”. I like to cook muffins or bars over the weekend so that I have something to munch on that is super convenient throughout the week. This way, I don’t have to think about breakfast either! Did I mention how that makes this mama happy? 


Drop a comment below and let me know if you try any of these recipes or if you meal plan too! I’d love to hear how other people function with food and a busy life. Happy Monday!


*It All Beings with Food

**Smoke, Roots, Mountain, Harvest

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