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Daddy’s Little Girl

Daddy’s Little Girl

Daddy’s Little Girl

“You’re Daddy’s little girl, and I love you. You’re Daddy’s little girl and that’s so true. You’re Daddy’s little girl, and that’s right. You’re Daddy’s little girl all night.”



These are the lyrics to a song my dad use to sing to me when I was little. I often sing this song to Andee, but of course replace “Daddy” with “Mama”. And doesn’t my heart just melt each time I am able to comfort Andee with words so meaningful to me.


I have always been a “Daddy’s little girl” and would often use the phrase “not for your only daughter?” to get my way. I used that phrase until around the age of 16 when my dad remarried and I gained two stepsisters. While that transition was a tough one for me, it was also hard losing the ability to pull strings by being the only little girl in his life.


Thinking of that song and phrase resonates deeply with me as I write this because I’ve come to realize how big of a role my dad plays in my life, especially now. I mean, Andee and I call her WooWoo every single day just to say hello. Looking back on it, my dad has taught me so many things – responsibility, how to navigate social situations, often through humor, and best of all, how to appropriately tailgate. Think redneck margaritas and mini bottles.



But most importantly my dad has taught me that a father’s love is endless. It knows no bounds.


I was lucky enough to travel home to Asheville when Andee was three and a half months to visit my family. It was their first time meeting my sweet baby and I cherished every second of seeing them love on her. I hope I never forget the moment when my dad first held Andee and I got to witness his heart grow even bigger. And seeing Andee smile at him… Man, she sure does love her WooWoo.


Although Andee has several girl cousins, I can’t wait for the day when she uses my token saying, but revised a bit… “Not for your only (Canadian) granddaughter?” I wonder what mountains WooWoo will move when he hears that!



And if you’re reading this Dad, know that Andee and I are lucky to call you ours. We love you, we do.

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