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Happy Six Months Andee!

Happy Six Months Andee!

Holy cow! How in the world is my baby girl, my tiny sweetie pie, my smiley stinker butt, my Andee Lynn SIX MONTHS OLD?!? Where in the world did these past six months go?




In reflecting on this last half of a year, I’ve come to realize just how quickly babies change and grow. She went from not being able to hold her head up on her own to sitting unsupported. She breastfed for a hot second (like two weeks…maybe) then struggled to find her rhythm with a bottle and formula. And now she is eating solids like a champ! I mean, girl eats tofu regularly. Like how grown is that?



She barely knows a stranger, except her Sweet Daddy B. That’s Keenan’s dad. We can’t figure out her apprehension of him, but honestly it’s pretty funny. It’s a work in progress and he loves her dearly, so it’s only a matter of time until she’s his little side kick. She constantly smiles and giggles and keeps me and her daddy in awe of her loving, but sassy personality every day. We’ve often referred to her as a sour patch kid… “first they’re sour, then they’re sweet”.


Andee tolerating our dog, Gurley


Man, are we lucky to have a healthy and happy baby. I can hardly wait to see her growth in the next six months. I love you, my sweet Andee girl. You’ll always be mama’s little ray of sunshine.



Oh and if you are wondering, she is dressed up this cute to go on a big adventure today. Cue Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz and sing “from the windoooooow to the waaaaaallll” and that’s exactly what we’ll be doin. Yup, stayin in – thanks Covid.


Shoes are obviously cooler than smiling at mom


Drop a line below to wish my little bug a happy half birthday or rather to congratulate me on making it this far. Lol! Happy Monday y’all!


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  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl! Auntie loves you so much and is honored to see you grow into the smart, beautiful and kind girl you are.

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