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On the Menu Monday

On the Menu Monday

Hey there lovelies and welcome back to Warm Beer, Cold Coffee! Andee and I had a girls weekend since Keenan was gone on a bachelor party Thursday through Sunday. It basically was like any other day because I’m home with her on maternity leave, but for some reason it just felt like a special time together. And let me tell ya, I live for moments like those.

Anyway, I’m here to share another On the Menu Monday with you! This week looks a little different for us again because I will be out of town Friday through Monday for a bachelorette party. I asked Keenan if he wanted me to get groceries for him for over the weekend, but he said he’d take care of it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Sooooooo without further ado…


Weekly Meal Plan Menu (30)


Since I was single momin’ it this weekend, I wanted to make things as simple as possible. So I relied on my trusty (and not dusty!) baggie of meal cards. The meals you see listed above were all drawn from the baggie. I did the same thing for next week’s meals since I will be gone over the weekend. This makes like so much easier because it takes all the thought out of it! And I love it because it still allows me to cook meals at home, but where I don’t have to use my brain too much to make it happen. Lol!

I am trying out a different Mediterranian orzo pasta recipe this time, but not because I don’t like the recipe I usually follow. I just wanted to switch it up a bit. So I will be following this recipe, but adding shrimp to it. I will double the recipe because it says its intended to feed 4-6 people as a side, and I want some leftovers.

The chicken quesadillas are super easy to make and one is so filling. I cook the chicken first and then put the sliced chicken, black beans and shredded cheddar cheese between two tortillas to cook in a pan. While the quesadillas are cooking I make a little thing of guacamole because quesadillas aren’t nearly as good without a side of guac. And I should say that I am still holdin’ out for a quesadilla maker. So if anyone is wantin’ to get ya girl a gift, that would be it! 😜

And I haven’t posted about recipes from It All Begins with Food in a while, but don’t you worry. It’s still a go-to resource for me. This is where the chicken nugget recipe comes from. I love this recipe because the chicken is dipped in coconut oil and then into a mixture of almonds, chia seeds, some spices and a few more things that you blend up first in the food processor. Then ya bake it! So it feels really healthy and tastes super yummy. Plus Andee can eat these with us! So it’s a win-win in my book.

Anyway, what’s y’all’s lives lookin like this week? Are you busy, busy, busy? Or just takin’ it one day at a time? Let me know in the comments below. Happy day y’all!

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