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On the Menu Monday

On the Menu Monday

Morning y’all and thanks for dropping in to read another On the Menu Monday. We had a busy weekend celebrating Keenan’s birthday and Mother’s Day, so this post is going out a bit later than usual. But such is life, right?


Weekly Meal Plan Menu (19)


Since the weather is becoming nicer here in Calgary, Keenan is starting to grill more. This week we are having grilled chicken with grilled corn on the cobb and salad. Keenan makes incredible marinades, and plans to make one for the chicken. Maybe I just suck at making marinades, but my mind is always blown with how tasty his are. Or maybe I’m just a simpleton with my taste buds. Lol! Either way I am here for whatever magic Keenan pulls with is marinades all day, erryday.

Keenan is also going to grill us some salmon burgers, and we’re going to let  Andee try one as well! She’s had salmon before, but never this way, so I am excited to see how she likes it.

We are making one of our typical recipes, shepherds pie, from *It All Beings with Food (US link here) because it’s just too good to not make regularly. I don’t think I’ve ever had shepherds pie outside of this recipe, but from what I gather this is a healthier version. That’s why I always feel comfortable giving some to Andee as well. She struggles to eat meat, but not when it’s in shepherds pie.


Food Network Southern Red Velvet Cake
Keenan’s birthday cake


I also wanted to follow up with y’all about the cake I made Keenan for his birthday. You can find the recipe in last week’s post if you are interested. It was suppose to be a three layer cake, but one layer stuck to the pan. Whoops! And then the frosting was kind of runny – delicious, but runny. So the cake ended up looking a bit lopsided. Lol! I did manage to add some gold glitter and a cute little cake topper though. So I’ll take it as a win. 🙂

Anywho, what do y’all have planned for the week? Drop a note below and fill a sista in! Happy day y’all!

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