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Andee’s Fashion Files – Arrows & Lace Boutique

Andee’s Fashion Files – Arrows & Lace Boutique

Hey there y’all! I recently signed Andee up to be an ambassador for two different clothing lines, one of which is Arrows & Lace Boutique! They carry adorable clothes for both genders and I absolutely love all of the items I have purchased for Andee so far. Let’s talk about what it means for Andee to be an ambassador for this company and then I will share some of the items I have purchased recently. 

Being an ambassador for a clothing company differs a bit from company to company, but the general idea is the same. For Arrows & Lace Boutique, I had to first fill out an application. Once approved, I then had to make a purchase once a month for the first three months. I could purchase as much or as little as I wanted, but I guess I had to prove that I actually like to company enough to buy from them several times. I had a discount code the entire time, so I wasn’t disappointed about spending a bit of $$$ for my baby girl.

Once I have completed these first three purchases, I then am permanently an ambassador for Arrows & Lace Boutique… or I should say Andee is. I tag them in anything I post to social media and get a discount for any future purchases. I also have a discount code to share with people, which I will provide at the end of this post. 😜 If someone uses the discount code for a purchase, I then make a bit of commission off the order. While this money goes directly into my bank account, I will set it aside for Andee’s education fund. This is a nice way to make a little bit of extra money to support my baby girl.

Now on to the fun part – the clothes!

Sky Romper



Sam Set



Knit Ruffle Dress



As promised, visit www.arrowsandlaceboutique.com and use discount code kerih20 to receive 20% off all purchases. Drop a note below and let me know your favorite of the three outfits shown! Happy day, y’all!

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