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On the Menu Monday

On the Menu Monday

Hey y’all and happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. Keenan had Friday off, so we had some great quality family time. I’m living for these family weekends together. I want more, More, MORE!

Hmhmm, now back to regular programing…

Weekly Meal Plan Menu (14)

If you follow along on my Instagram, you might have seen in my stories that I accidentally canceled the wrong week of Hello Fresh. So we got a surprise order on Tuesday last week, which meeeeeans that some of the food we had planned to eat last week got pushed back to this week. But I don’t mind that – it’s just less shopping at the grocery store.

This week we are having chicken and roasted veggies and stir fry, which are two meals that we just wing it with. They are easy, no stress meals that don’t take a lot of thought or effort to make tasty. Picture some chopped veggies and some spices and wabam! Ya gotta easy homecooked meal.

We are also following a few recipes this week. When pregnant I really craved Japanese food, particularly hibachi. I found **this recipe  online and it has a delicious yum yum sauce taboot. Shepherd’s pie from *It All Begins with Food is one of our regulars that is just too good to stop making. And the last recipe we will be following is for chickpea curry. I mentioned this in a previous post, but I found ***this recipe that is super easy and delicious. I’m going to double it up this time so that I have leftovers. Also, Andee was a big fan too! Yay!

And as always, we have a few meals that can be made with little to no effort for those nights we just don’t feel like doin’ a damn thing. And those meals are pizza and salad and grilled cheese with tomato soup.

Tell me how your weekend was. Did you get together with family? Or, more importantly, did you eat anything delicious? Hehe! Let me know in the comments below, and I hope you have a lovely week!



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