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Andee’s First Birthday Party

Andee’s First Birthday Party

Hey there lovely people! I can’t believe Andee’s first birthday (and party) was almost a month ago! You guys have heard me mention it over and over, but it has been hella busy around our house for the past two months. So I’m am just now able to actually share the details of Andee’s first birthday party. If you recall, I shared my plan for the party a few months ago, and now you can see how it actually turned out!

I made Andee’s smash cake and cupcakes for the party. One of my closest friends from growing up is a phenomenal baker and gave me all the tips and tricks beforehand. I purchased premade fondant from Michaels and some decorative tools from Amazon to help with the project. Keenan’s cousin came over about two weeks before the party and helped me make all of the fondant pieces. Thank goodness because that shiz takes a lot of time! But it was so, so much fun crafting them with her and seeing the finished product come together. For the actual cake and cupcakes – I used a boxed funfetti cake mix and made a largeeeeee batch of buttercream frosting.




Keenan bought several different sets of flowers, which I then arranged in the various vases we had. Andee and I crafted several of the vases by reusing plastic containers from some of her snacks. I painted them white and then helped Andee use her finger print to make all the little fruit dots. I then used a paint pen to add the stems and wabam! We had some adorable vases!





We set up various decorations in the backyard in the green and pink color scheme. The pom poms hanging in the tree and hanging from the garage were purchased from Michaels. I had to separate all the tissue paper to make them, which took some time but wasn’t super hard. I also put together a balloon arch, but it was kind of a fail. I think I blew the balloons up a bit too big, so they kept popping the entire afternoon. Lol! It was super cute when I first made it though!




I put a pink table cloth under Andee’s highchair outside to try to help with the mess of her eating her cake. And I put a little tassel/garland thing around her highchair tray. This was also purchased from Michaels. And I had a big “1” balloon blown up to sit behind her as she ate her cake. Andee played with this balloon for hours after the party. Lol!



And lastly, Keenan put together all of the food. We had a lovely charcuterie board, chips, veggies and hummus, fruit and buffalo cauliflower.




Overall, I think it was a fabulous party, and I am so, so happy with how everything turned out. It was a lot of work, but I loved pouring my time and energy into making something special for my baby girl. So now that you have seen the plan and the outcome, how do you think I did? Let me know in the comments below and as always, happy day y’all!

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