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On the Menu Monday

On the Menu Monday

Morning y’all and welcome back! This past week has been so incredibly busy for us Pillers. We went to Edmonton (3 hours north of Calgary) over the weekend so Andee could see her great grandmas. It was such a fun trip, but took a lot of organization to get us, well Andee, there. And we have another busy week, or really another 2.5 months, a head of us. I guess that’s what happens when it’s summer and lock downs from COVID end. I am super excited for all that we have ahead of us though! Now on to this week’s menu…!


Weekly Meal Plan Menu (26)


You might notice A LOT of things repeated from last week’s menu… Wellllllll we kind of failed to follow our menu last week. Lol! I mentioned how busy we’ve been, but also it’s been insanely hot here in Western Canada. We are under a massive heat wave, and since we don’t have air conditioning, cooking has felt almost impossible. But we’re gonna try it again this week, and hope for the best.

Tonight I have friends that I teach with coming over to the back yard. It’s their last day of school for the summer so we’re going to celebrate! I am making a big batch of orzo salad following this recipe and chopping up lots of fruit and veggies in a way that is safe for Andee to munch on as well. I’m also making a baby safe hummus and cutting up some pita bread. I’m super excited to see everyone tonight and can’t wait for them to FINALLY get to hug on Andee!

The chicken and raspberry salad, pork chop, corn and salad and salmon burgers and salad are all the meals I am most looking forward to this week. Why…? Because I don’t have to turn on the damn stove! This is crucial for us because of the heat wave so I might alter the days in which we make these meals based off of when it’s the hottest. 

I am hoping that the fried rice, hibachi chicken and yum yum sauce and tomato soup and grilled cheese don’t heat up our house too much when making them. I know I might sound like a baby about this heat, but it’s suppose to reach 38 degrees Celsius, which is 100 Fahrenheit, several days in a row. It makes it very challenging for Andee to stay comfortable when it’s this hot. But thankfully we are getting air conditioning installed in a week or two. So hopefully we’ll feel much better if and when there is another heat wave.

Anyway, is it warm, correction.. I mean HOT, where you are? How and what do you cook when mother nature throws you a curve ball? Let me know in the comments below, and as always happy day y’all!

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