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On the Menu Monday

On the Menu Monday

Morning and happy Monday lovelies! I just went to the grocery store yesterday, and it got me alllll excited to get in the kitchen this week. Keenan helped me brainstorm our meals this time. So you’ll notice somewhat of a different selection of food than what I normally chose. But I am here for it y’all!


Weekly Meal Plan Menu (9)


We have a few of our regulars – pizza and grilled cheese – that are super easy for us to do. I find it so crucial to have a few meals planned for the week like these that take basically zero effort to make. That way we still end up eating at home, but don’t dread the cooking part.

Keenan and I use to make fried rice all. the. time. but haven’t made it in what feels like forever. It’s super yummy, easy to make and great for leftovers! We make the rice a day before and spread it out on a baking sheet so it dries out a bit before we cook it with our meat and veggies. This one will be good for Andee to try too!

We also use to make BBQ chicken and black beans quite often. Its super simple to make as it’s basically just sautéed chicken and onions with BBQ sauce and black beans. Then we through it on a tortilla with some cheese and sour cream. This recipe will also be great for Andee to try – it has lots of flavour and nutrients that my girl needs. I gotta say though – I miss my Carolina BBQ sauce somethin’ fierce! Especially when I make this recipe. 

Andee is starting to move away from the bottle as in like she HATES it now. So I am working to make more meals for Keenan and myself that will also be good for her. We’ve done a lot of purees for her in the past, but homegirl is ready for the next step.

Wish us luck as we navigate this next milestone with Andee bear. I hope y’all have a lovely week!

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