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October Goals

October Goals

Hey y’all and welcome back to Warm Beer, Cold Coffee! How the heck have ya been? And how the heck is it already October? These past few months have literally just flown by. As per usual, I am going to review how my September goals went and then share my goals for October with you. I cannot express enough how helpful monthly goal setting has been for me. Having five goals for each month has been the perfect number. And of course I set daily goals or weekly goals throughout the month, but I always try to stay on top of my five monthly goals.

September was a whirlwind with starting back with teaching and Andee starting school. Plus we all got COVID at the beginning of the month and then Andee and Keenan got sick again towards the end of the month. So it made it extra hard to keep up with some of my goals, but I think I still managed pretty well.

I did a great job with keeping a morning skin care routine. I even brought my products to school so that I could properly clean my face after working out in the morning. My night time routine wasn’t so great, but good thing that wasn’t my goal. Lol! And speaking of exercise – COVID knocked me out for about a week, but otherwise I stayed very consistent with doing three workouts a week and getting 10,000 steps a day in.

Laundry once a week was going very well until the end of the month when our washer started leaking. So technically I did do laundry once a week for the entire month of September, but I haven’t been able to continue the habit into October just yet. Lucky us, we get to shop for a washer and dryer this weekend. -_-

In terms of calling grandparents more and drinking a gallon of water a day – I did stay pretty consistent, but I wasn’t perfect at either goal. I did try to call each set of grandparents once a week and drink most of a gallon a day, but sometimes it was harder than others to follow through with these goals perfectly. That said, I am pretty content with my progress.

Now for my October goals!

  1. Clean out car once a week – Now that Andee and I are in the car 5 days a week for just under 1.5 hours a day, I have started junking up my car. This mainly comes from feeding Andee snacks on the commute to and from school. So my goal is to clean out (mainly trash from snacks) once each week. This is not a hard task to do, I just need to actually do it.
  2. 3 workouts + steps + barbell  – I always include a goal related to exercise because I really need regular exercise in my life to function properly. (This isn’t super related, but I think I might have ADD and exercise helps me tame that. More on this at a later day…) I want to continue my September goal of doing a strength training workout three times a week and reaching 10,000 steps a day. I worked out at home from March 2020 until September 2021. And though we have enough equipment at home to get a quality workout in, there’s nothing like working out in a fully stocked gym. Now that I am back at school, I have access to our weight room, which has been great! My goal is to make sure I push myself with the weights I choose and use the barbell more. I started working on this shift in exercises in September, and quickly realized how much I missed workout with heavier weights. So I’m excited for this goal.
  3. Chiro work – I need to write a blog post about this or share more about this on Instagram, but I have been seeing a chiropractor somewhat regularly to help with my migraine situation. I was given exercises to complete everyday, but I am not great at doing them every single day. It’s frustrating to me that I don’t do them every day because 1) they aren’t hard to do and 2) if I do them enough then eventually the reason for needing to do them no longer exists. So  I can literally fix some of my problem and never have it appear again by being consistent with these particular exercises. I simply just forget to do them. That’s my only excuse. So maybe I should write it on a sticky note and post it beside my bed. That way I always have a little reminder to get ’em done.
  4. Commit to my schedule – This goal is very much related to my chiro goal. I am great about setting goals for myself, but I’m finding I need to actually schedule in when I am going to do some of these goals. Often times I will tell myself that I am going to do something that day, and then the day is over and I never actually did it. You may notice this has happened a lot with my blog lately. I will make a schedule for what posts I want to release on each day, but I don’t actually schedule in when I am going to write it. And if I do take the time to think through when I am going to write each post, I don’t always commit. I’m all for being flexible, but I am finding that I need more structure in order to accomplish all my goals rather than just saying I want to do them.
  5. Let it go – Y’all this is a big one for me! I am pretty good about handling challenging situations outwardly, but internally my mind replays scenarios over and over again. It happens when I’m doing the dishes or showering or driving. Basically anytime my brain is not actively focused on something, negative thoughts creep in. I don’t know why I let these thoughts live rent free in my mind, so I’m going to really work on letting the little things go. And for the big things, my goal is to use those situations to better create my boundaries, state what I need, and then let them go as well. I don’t want to let things go and become a push over, but I don’t want to waste energy on the negative things. We’ll see how this one goes… 🤞🏻


Do you have any goals for the month of October? Let me know in the comments below as I’d love to support you. As always, thanks for reading and happy day y’all!

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