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My Skin Care Routine

My Skin Care Routine

Morning y’all and welcome back to Warm Beer, Cold Coffee! When I was about 7 months pregnant with Andee, my mom sent me birthday money. She insisted I spend the money on myself and not my sweet baby. She kept telling me that once my little babe was here, I would stopping buying things and doing things for myself without even realizing it. So she really encouraged me to use the birthday money she sent for myself.

Well, I always take what my mom says seriously, but damn was she ever right! I have found that I give all my time and attention to Andee and what little is leftover in my tank to Keenan. Rarely do I remember to give to myself as well. Recently I have been aiming to fix this. I have been working hard to make a little time for myself most days starting with my skin care routine. 

Around the time my mom sent me money, I saw there was a really good deal going on with a make up and skin care company called Younique. You had to register to sell for the company, but got the starter pack for $100. It included over $400 worth of product – like what?!?! Whatta deal! Several make up items and skin care items came in the starter pack, and since I had heard such positive things about the company, I wanted to try it out. I had no interest in actually selling product for the company, I just wanted the deal. There was no obligation to actually sell anything, and my “membership” or “employee” title or whatever you want to call it would simply expire if I never sold anything. So it was an easy choice for me to spend the $100.

It turns out I really liked the products that came in the kit, so I used my employee discount to buy more skin care. I started a little skin care routine each night for about a month or two before Andee was born, and then of course it was the first thing I dropped after giving birth. However, I have recently picked it up again and have been loving it!

I have shared a video on Instagram showing the products I use, but I will quickly outline them here. Oh, and I have linked them all below!

I start each morning with sun screen and a daily tinted moisturizer. The tint is very light, but it makes me feel a bit more put together than having nothing on my face at all. I’m not super big into anything heavy on my face in general, so I like the subtle color that it provides.

Then at night I first remove any make up if I applied any that day. I use Bioderma, which is a water based cleanser, on a cotton pad to do this (US link here). Then I use a Younique cleanser and cleanse my skin by rubbing in a circular motion making sure to not forget my neck and jawline. Once I pat my face dry I apply several spritzes of toner. Then, depending on the day and the weather, I will either apply the serum or the beauty oil. I find the beauty oil to be more moisturizing than the serum, so if it’s really dry outside I will for sure use the oil over the serum. Then I apply a bit of eye cream using my ring finger. This provides a softer application than using my pointer finger. I dab it on my skin around my eye bones and just pat it softly until it’s sunken into my skin. To finish it all off, I apply the night cream. I don’t use very much, but I dab a bit on each cheek, my forehead and my chin and then rub it in gently. Again, I make sure to include my neck and jawline in this entire process.

Once a week I make sure to use the exfoliating mask. I apply this after I have taken off any make up and used the cleanser. I don’t apply very much, but I do make sure my entire face (minus my lips and eyes) is covered. I let this sit for about 10 minutes before I use a damp wash cloth to gently rub it off. I continue on as mentioned above, but I make sure to use the beauty oil instead of the serum. I do this because I feel like the exfoliating mask is a bit rough on the skin, so I really want to put moisture back in with the oil. Also, I just absolutely love the oil. It keeps my face feeling buttery soft even into the next day. I sometimes even apply it to the backs of my hands if they are looking cracked.

Younique products are not super cheap, but I definitely think they are worth every penny. One thing I really like about their skin care is that you can customize it for your skin type. They have different boosters such as firming, brightening, elasticity, wrinkle reducing, environmental shield, hydrating, calming, tinting and more that you can select from. You select three boosters each for the lotions, cleanser and serum so it’s really geared to what you want. They also have a quiz that helps you figure out the best boosters for you. They do have a subscription for their skin care so that you never run out of your products. I have not signed up for the subscription though because I often flake on my skin care routines after a month or so. I want to make sure it is something I am going to keep up long term (like for at least several months) before I commit to the subscription. But it’s definitely something I am interested in.

I have linked all of the products I use below, but check their website out in more detail if you are interested in buying any products. They have several packages that allow you to get things cheaper than if you were to buy each item individually. 

Anywho, I hope this information was helpful for you. Let me know about your skin care journey. I’m always curious to know what other people are doing! And as always, thanks for reading and happy day y’all!

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