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Andee’s Eats: Solid Starts

Andee’s Eats: Solid Starts

Hey, hey all you lovely people! If you’ve been following along, you may remember that my baby girl is ALLLLL about solids lately. She went through a spell of absolutely hating her bottle and only wanting purees and more textured foods to now accepting her bottle but only wanting solid foods. Let’s just say she’s kept me on my toes lately!

I knew that Andee would eventually want more textured foods, I just didn’t know how quickly the switch would happen. It was like she just woke up one day and thought, “Peace out purees!” It caused a bit of stress on my end trying to figure out why my baby girl was having melt downs anytime I tried to feed her purees, which she had been devouring for 2.5 months. After a few days of these crying fits, I realized 1) my baby is no longer a potato and has a personality she now wants to share and 2) it’s time to switch things up. Introducing… drum roll please… Solid Starts!


Beef brisket, couscous, avocado and strawberries


I mentioned last week that I purchased a kit from Solid Starts that has 325 recipes for babies and toddlers. Unfortunately I haven’t had tons of time to give it a thorough look through, but I have done a few recipes so far. We have tried blueberry oatmeal, broccoli and red pepper egg bites and sardines and beans on toast. The oatmeal and eggs bites weren’t a huge hit, but I’ll be damned if Andee didn’t LOVE the sardines and beans on toast. Mama approved too!


Andee tasting the egg bites… she spit it out right after this picture. LOL!


I made the bean spread by pureeing white kidney beans, lemon juice, olive oil and mascarpone cheese in a food processor. This spread is so freakin’ delicious that I will randomly sneak a spoonful here and there to snack on. It’s also a great spread for Andee because beans contain iron, which is a must for a growing baby! I have done this recipe with and without the sardines mainly because sardines are smelly. LOL But homegirl does love her some sardines, so sometimes I just have to suck it up and serve it to her anyway.

I bought the ingredients for quinoa with broccoli, carrots and peas and plan to make that recipe later today. I am super excited to try more recipes from the kit I bought and can’t wait to share the journey with you all. Before I say ta-ta for now, I just gotta know… are you in or out on canned sardines? Drop a line below and letta girl know!

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